NELO Metaverse = NFT Mining + Gamefi + SocialFi on BSC

Liquidity Locker



Liquidity Locker

Locked LP Tokens: 40.894165 Cake-LP

Unlock Date: 2024-07-31 UTC 1600

Nelo World Metaverse


NFT Yield Mining

NELO Metaverse provides NFT mining and trading that allows people to trade NFTs for $NELO tokens. NELO NFT is not only a collection but will be playable in NELO GameFi.

GameFi: Play to Earn

At NELO Metaverse, we are developing our NFT games for Gamers to play and earn $NELO Tokens. With $NELO earned, you can buy NFT blindbox / trade NFTs or Exchange $NELO to Fiat via SocialFi platform in Q3 2022.

SocialFi $NELO to Fiat

NELO Metaverse will build a platform exchange service for $NELO holders to exchange their $NELO tokens for fiat currencies instead of having to convert to BNB first.

Nelo tokenomics



20% of 5,000,000,000 Total Supply sold at Presale on PinkSale Launchpad

Ecosystem Fund

20% of 5,000,000,000 Total Supply allocated to Ecosystem for NFT Mining, Play to Earn, SocialFi Rewards, Airdrop Events & Dev/Marketing.

PancakeSwap LP

50% of 5,000,000,000 Total Supply allocated to PancakeSwap for $NELO/ BNB Pool and locked for 2 years.


10% of 5,000,000,000 Total Supply allocated to engage Social Media partners from China, US/UK, Indo, Philippines & Vietnam

Buy, Sell & Transfer Taxes


Reflections to Holders

4% of each transaction is allocated for reflections to Holders.

Liquidity Pool

3% of each transaction is locked as liquidity in PancakeSwap $NELO/BNB pool, intending to create an ever rising price floor.

Development Team & Marketing

5 % of each transaction is allocated to the Team Wallet for marketing and developing the Nelo Metaverse ecosystem.

Storms of War

Storms of War is a PvE (player vs environment) & PvP (player vs player) game similar to AFK Arena in which Gamers can earn $NELO tokens by clearing various in-game Stages and through competition in the PvP Arena. By capturing/Minting game characters, you can trade them with other Gamers via our NELO NFT Marketplace. (Each NFT card has a Hashrate for mining $NELO on the NFT mining website.)

Nelo NFT game cards



MAX Mint 200 cards Only Hashrate Mining + 300 HP 250 | ATK 100 | DEF 70


MAX Mint 200 cards Only Hashrate Mining + 300 HP 220 | ATK 120 | DEF 50


MAX Mint 200 cards Only HP 280 | ATK 110 | DEF 100


MAX Mint 200 cards Only Hashrate Mining + 300 HP 210 | ATK 150 | DEF 60


MAX Mint 200 cards Only Hashrate Mining + 300 HP 210 | ATK 150 | DEF 60



  1. Q4 2021

    Phase 1

    Contract Deployment & Audit

    Website & Community Launch

    Presale Launch

    PancakeSwap Launch

    Listed by CoinGecko

    Listed by CoinMarketCap

  2. Q1 2022

    Phase 2

    NFT Marketplace Launch

    NELO Game Storms of War V1 PvE Launch

    Listed on 1st Exchange

    NFT Mining Evolve Launch

    NELO NFT Lottery Game 1 Launch

    Listed on 2nd Exchange

  3. Q2 2022

    Phase 3

    NELO Game Storms of War V2 PvP Launch

    NELO Game Dragonite Legends V1 PvE Launch

    Listed on 3rd Exchange

    NELO NFT Lottery Game 2 Launch

  1. Q3 2022

    Phase 4

    NELO SocialFi Platform Launch ($NELO to Fiat Exchange)

    NELO Game Dragonite Legends V2 PvP Launch

    Listed on 4th Exchange

    NELO GamePAD Launch

  2. Q4 2022

    Phase 5

    NELO SocialFi Platform Launch (Crypto Lending)

    NELO Game Storms of War V3 Launch

    Listed on 5th Exchange

  3. Q1 2023

    Phase 6

    NELO Game Dragonite Legends V3 Launch

    (Kingdom Crash, Land NFT)

    More Games to be developed…





1. What are the tokenomics of $NELO?
12% of each $NELO transaction will be deducted and redistributed. 4% is redistributed to all $NELO holders; 3% is exchanged for $NELO/BNB and injected into the PancakeSwap 2.0 liquidity pool. (This aims to continuously raise the floor price). 5% is allocated to the Team wallet for the Development & Marketing of the Nelo Metaverse Ecosystem.
2. How do I buy $NELO? Is it safe?
$NELO is a SolidProof.io audited token based on the Binance Smart Chain and liquidity is locked in PancakeSwap. You can get $NELO on PancakeSwap (More exchange platforms will be added over time) and on PooCoin. When trading on PancakeSwap, please make sure that there is BNB in your wallet as a handling fee and increase the slippage to 14-18% to improve the success rate of the transaction.
3. Can I get tokens just by holding $NELO in my wallet?
Yes, 4% of all transaction fees are distributed to holders. You w see $NELO accumulate in your wallet at the minute you start holding.
4. Do you have any Marketing or Listing plans?
Yes. We want $NELO to succeed and for our holders to benefit from our success. We will explore all opportunities to grow our project and we will keep the community informed when agreements have been reached.

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